Green Credentials

Green Credentials

Companies today strive to save energy and prove their Green Credentials. Here at Building Energy Controls Solutions (BECS UK) we are no different and do everything we can to save energy.

Here are a selection of the things we do to save vital energy:

  • Our new premesis in 2017 has been refurbised using 5" Insulation around the entire perimeter
  • We have Solar Panels on both Current and Old Sites (still Providing Clean Energy to the Grid)
  • Our solar gains pay more than the energy we use to run our Current building so it is carbon neutral.
  • We use energy saving LED light fittings.
  • Drive the most fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Have recently added 3 x Jaguar I-Pace all electric Vehicles to our Fleet
  • Recycle everything we can.
  • Provide the most energy efficient solutions for our clients.




 Hope all is well and thank you.

 In short, the service from BECS to M&S is always excellent.

 The knowledge and expertise shown is always exemplary, from a simple phone call for free advice to putting together complex quotes and roll out programmes.

 The delivery of projects is excellent from preconstruction information right through to handover and as built information.

 Always swift to respond and realistic with timelines.




Refrigeration and Mechanical Engineering Manager
Marks and Spencer