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As a Refrigeration Systems House, we can provide you with a total controls solution incorporating all or as many of the following services as you require:

  • Easily readable Network design schedules (whether in RS485 or IT CAT5) – detailing all equipment to be controlled with associated description of sensors, valves and other required control equipment listed.
  • Detailed site plan showing equipment and sensor locations.
  • Point-to-Point line diagrams for wiring to all remote equipment and sensors etc.
  • Manufacture and supply of all Control Panels.
  • Supply of all specialist controls sensors, vales and other specialised equipment.

 (or we can arrange the installation for you)…. Then …

  • We’ll come along and commission the installation together with your engineers to ensure the entire system is operating to achieve maximum efficiency and your customer’s satisfaction.
  • We provide Staff and/or engineer Training.
  • Finally we supply you with complete O&M Documentation for the project.