Metering & Monitoring
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Monitoring your company’s energy use. This will allow you to target inefficiency and reduce your energy costs.
To help you do this, we could recommend that you:
One of the first steps to saving energy is to know What, Why & When the energy is being used.

Analyse your energy bills

Invoices will tell you how much energy you are using, and what tariff you are paying. Make sure you understand them and that their information is accurate.

See what systems are in place.

Do you have enough data available to properly assess how efficiently your company is using energy?

Investigate other metering techniques.

New metering systems offer advanced collection and recording techniques and various display options. For large companies, you might need to install sub-meters to get a more detailed idea of what’s going on.

Monitor energy use and improve.

Relate the amount of energy you use to likely influencing factors – for example: weather and levels of production. This will help you to better understand how your company is using energy and where it is being wasted.

The variety of customer requirements, restrictions, building types and activities means that a single solution is not practical. Contact BECS for help, advice and/or installation on a wide range of energy metering types and devices. We will work with you to find the most appropriate package to suit your needs.